Reduce Sex Drive And Balance Your Libido!

What are anaphrodisiacs?

(anaphrodisiac) an·aph·ro·dis·i·ac (n-fr-dz-k) adj.

1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of anaphrodisia.
2. Repressing or destroying sexual desire.

(antiaphrodisiac, and antaphrodisiac)


100% Herbal, Natural and SAFE. Effective program to reduce and BALANCE an over-active libido




Why would anyone want something to reduce sex drive or reduce their libido?

Many people find their attention constantly disturbed by unwanted sexual urges, thoughts and feelings. These unwanted sexual urges can result in a number of problems. This constant assault of sexual thoughts, urges and hormone overloading can interfere with their daily lives and relationships. On average a person suffering with an over active libido will find their lives interrupted with sexual thoughts up to 3 times per minute. A person's state of mind (chemical and hormonal state) can become increasingly imbalanced if the unwanted state is unknowingly or uncontrollably encouraged. Sexual wantonness affects a person's physical and emotional life. It negatively affects a person's relationships with others and themselves. Also, contrary to popular belief, increased sex drive does not improve ones sex life. In fact it very often degrades it.



Is there a solution?

By "cooling" the libido one can be free from unwanted thoughts and physical urges. A clarity of mind develops and relationships deepen and improve. Studies or work become more engaging. We have developed a powerful program designed for men and women which has been proven to work at balancing an individual's libido. Our research has culminated in a program of NATURAL, HERBAL ingredients that have been time tested to physically and mentally reduce sexual urges. Resulting in a reduction of sexual thoughts, and frustration giving clarity of mind and spirit. Many of these same herbs have been used by monks and ascetics of various religions and beliefs for centuries.


Other Benefits?

The less aroused you are the more control you have over sexual climax. This is a simple fact. Increasing sensitivity to the genitals (male enhancement pills, Viagra) or using chemicals to stimulate arousal actually promotes premature climax and sexual frustration. By cooling one's libido and balancing physical sexual energy one gains complete control over their sexual experience.

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